Net Art Awards Announced

Five net artists/artist groups have just been awarded commissions from, chosen from 135 proposals. Each will be able to create original works of net art thanks to Rhizome's new Commissioning Program. The five judges--Steve Dietz of The Walker Art Center, Alex Galloway of, Ken Goldberg of U.C. Berkeley, Christiane Paul of The Whitney Museum of American Art, and Mark Tribe of the tough task of selecting the winners. And they are...drumroll, please: Christopher Fahey, the Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA)/, and John Klima (whose previous work is pictured) all receive $5,000 each; Nungu and Lisa Jevbratt will both receive $2,500. In addition, ten proposals were named with Honorable Mentions. All will be presented on the web site in October 2002, and launched with a public event in New York City.