postcript, .walk for dummies

Posted by Wilfried Hou Je bek | Mon Jan 6th 2003 1 a.m.

Postscript for .walk for dummies

Pseudo software as a self generating route
description. Is this a joke?

For the half of it: yes, .walk is a joke. For the
other half: no, .walk is a serious attempt to find out
if walking can be used for more than transportation
alone. Because we were already exploring walking
around on algorithms, it was a logical step to modify
these little programs into something that actually
solves problems. Theoretically these individual .walk
programs could be connected into a computer.
In the "programming .walk for dummies" text it is
shown how you can solve quite complex computations by
stripping them down to their smallest factor & have a
interesting walk at the same time.

.walk has however nothing to do with computer
programming in any sense, it only mocks them. .walks
is not developed by programmers & the .walk examples
are written with only a minimal knowledge of both math
& simple computer languages like Basic. Everybody
should be able to figure out what a script does, but
nevertheless people are scared by them, just as they
are scared by Justin Timberlake's lips. This is in a
sense part of the fun of the .walk project, there is
nothing wrong with alienating people a little bit,
because they will only love .walk the better for it in
the end.

Do you fancy a walk with us?

.walk for dummies

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