Sakamoto & Iwai go NetLive

Posted by Rhizome | Thu Dec 12th 1996 1 a.m.


On December 16th, there will be a concert titled "MUSIC PLAYS IMAGES x
IMAGES PLAY MUSIC" at Art Tower Mito in Ibaragi prefecture. With two
artists, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Toshio Iwai using a piano and computers, a
new generation of visual and sound will be performed. The performance
will be broadcasted live on the Internet by a support of Internet World
Expo'96. the Internet. Other than the usual live broadcast, there will
be a MIDI transmission of Ryuichi Sakamoto's performance via Internet to
a MIDI piano on the remote end, and a remote control of MIDI piano in
Art Tower Mito by users on the Internet.

At International Academy of Media Arts and Science in Gifu prefecture,
the performance at Art Tower Mito could be heard through a MIDI piano.

Also at Keio University Shounan Fujisawa Campus, the live performance
will be projected on to a 200 inch screen.

The actual address will be announced on the day of the live broadcast.
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