The Web before the Web

Posted by Christophe Bruno | Thu Nov 2nd 2006 2:24 p.m.

The Web before the Web
Christophe Bruno (2004-2006)

In September 2004 I was a guest-blogger for the French online magazine I wrote a series of short posts about what could be called
"the precursors of the Web"... or "the Web minus the technology".
(the posts in french are here

Here is an augmented and updated version in English.

The Web before the Web:

James Joyce
Jeremy Bentham
Edgar Allan Poe
Stephane Mallarme
Alan Turing
Georges Perec & Marcel Benabou
Stanley Milgram
Frederick Taylor
The Great Chain of Being
The Web after the Web

To be published in the magazine for art and new media Aminima N
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