Call for entries : Stunned Net Art Open 2006

Posted by Conor McGarrigle | Mon Mar 20th 2006 6:58 a.m.

Submissions are now invited for the fourth edition of the Stunned Net
Art Open.

The Net Art Open takes a different approach to the curation of Net Art
online. Rather then present a single event based exhibition selected by
a curator or panel of selectors the Net Art Open is an ongoing blog
based process delivered by RSS feed. Curatorial bias has been removed by
accepting all work which meet the criteria The result is a true
reflection of the state of Net Art now.

The emphasis in this edition will be bringing the exhibition to the
audience taking account of the changing way people access the net. With
so much new work being produced all the time even with the best will in
the world it's difficult to keep up so the Net Art Open will be blogged
one work at a time with RSS feeds for newsfeed readers and blog
aggregators, each entry will be tagged for technorati and
and a flickr pool will be created. In addition each entry will feature
on the front page of

New in this edition we will reintroduce a little curatorial bias by
inviting a number of guests to, yes, curate a personal selection from
the exhibition and we will be investigating a gallery version of the Open.

The net art open was started in 2002 by Conor McGarrigle and Arthur X
Doyle as part of the Irish Museum of Modern intervention,
subsequent editions were in 2003 and 2004-5.

Closing date for the first call April 20th.

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