SUMMER PROGRAMME 04 / Land Marks: Huddersfield / UK

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Land Marks: Huddersfield | UK |

Saturday 10 July 04
12pm - 5pm

Venue: The Media Centre | Huddersfield | UK |

+ Info: 0870 990 5007

Schedule of events

1 pm - Surface Patterns Tour
2 pm - Surface Patterns Tour
3 pm - Surface Patterns Tour

+ Tours start from The Media Centre reception.

4 pm - Poetry Reading

Eleanor Rees will introduce and read from her new
commission for Speakers Corner, ‘Nameless Poem’
in The Media Centre Cafe Bar.

Land Marks: Huddersfield, is a one day event at
The Media Centre to launch three new media art
projects based in Huddersfield which emerge from
the town’s landscape, history and collective
memory. Wireless and mobile technologies are
employed by artists and poets to trace and
document memory and experience, exploring ways
that our knowledge of streets and buildings are
inseparable from our personal memories.
1. Surface Patterns: are you on the map?
01 July 04 - 01 July 04

Surface Patterns provides free access to the
hidden histories of twelve sites across
Huddersfield. It aims to inspire both visitors and
the people who live and work in Huddersfield to
learn about local heritage via their mobile
phones, and to contribute to an evolving audio and
text archive. By texting a key number mobile phone
users can access text and sound files 24 hours a
day, seven days a week to reveal the hidden
histories of each site and learn how a series of
locations have been transformed over time.

Created by Blink / Supported by The Media Centre.
2. Surface Patterns: Audio Tours by Jen Southern
10 July - 24 Sept 2004
Mon - Fri
10am - 5.30pm

A new work commissioned jointly by The Media
Centre and Blink.

Surface Patterns: Audio Tours uses a Global
Positioning System [GPS] device to explore how
memory is linked to urban and domestic place. The
GPS device itself can only describe latitude,
longitude and altitude; however, when used to trace
the route that someone takes through a place, it
can reveal the pattern of the path taken, allowing
us to share knowledge of hidden locations and
unexpected vantage points along that path.
3. Speakers Corner: Nameless Poem by Eleanor Rees
Following a recent upgrade of the Speakers Corner
display, The Media Centre, in collaboration with
The Word Hoard, is pleased to announce the launch
of a commission by Liverpool poet Eleanor Rees.
Eleanor has written a new poem specifically for
presentation on Speakers Corner; over the coming
months the public are invited to respond to the
refrain “Tell me something of this,” using text
messaging or via the website.

+ The project will go live on Speakers Corner on
10 July 2004.

Info: 0870 990 5007

Tom Holley
Creative Director
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