International Digital Art Awards

Posted by STEVE DANZIG | Fri May 14th 2004 8:20 a.m.

Next IDAA exhibition opens 04 June - 04 August 2004 QUT Art Museum Brisbane, VCA Gallery University Of Melbourne August 23 - 15 September 2004 Australia

ENKI for flute, live electronics and digital audio was composed by Professor David Sudmalis for the opening of the 2004 International Digital Art Awards at the Academy of the Arts, University of Tasmania. The piece explores the manipulation of flute sounds in both sonic and spatialized contexts using modern techniques including digital technologies. The first performance of the work was given by Daynor Missingham. It will travel with the IDAA touring exhibition.

You can see this performance in the press room and all the images from the 2004 IDAA online at

Steve Danzig will be appearing at PICA Sydney Entertainment Centre for Koinca-Minolta Friday 21 may 2004. New images from his Anthropo series will be on exhibition at PICA - online at
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