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Posted by Lev Manovich | Sat Apr 3rd 2004 7:09 p.m.

Office for Computational Design Thursday, April 1, 2004

txtkit - Visual Text Mining Tool 1.1.0

txtkit is an Open Source visual text mining tool for exploring large
amounts of multilingual texts. This multiuser-application mainly focuses
on the process of reading and reasoning as a series of decisions and
events. To expand this single perspective activity txtkit creates
content recommendations through collaborative filtering. The software
requires Mac OS X 10.3 and Internet access.
Technologies used: Objective-C, OpenGL, Java, MySQL

Free download at <>

txtkit was commissioned by Prof. Hans Ulrich Reck, co-author of the
concept and project director with Prof. Georg Trogemann of KIT (Kunst.
Informatik. Theorie. / Art. Computer Science. Theory.), a research
project based at the Art and Media Studies department at the Academy of
Media Arts Cologne. KIT is a part of the KUBIM programme, financed by
the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMB+F) and Lander
Ministries for Education or Science and Culture.

Currently available text sources

There are three sources at the moment:
- HUReck_ArtMediaTheory.en.txtkit ( Hans Ulrich Reck / english )
- ( Hans Ulrich Reck / german )
- LManovich_NewMediaResearch.en.txtkit ( Lev Manovich / english )

Any suggestions for other free text sources are welcome!
About Schoenerwissen/OfCD

Berlin based Schoenerwissen/OfCD (Anne Pascual & Marcus Hauer)
specializes in the design and development of information architectures
and interfaces. Our design strategies integrate the use of new
technology, theory and experimentation. We seek for advanced information
infrastructures that provide spatial and temporal contexts serving as
frameworks for exploration and dynamic decision making.

In 2002 the project Minitasking - a visual gnutella client has been
recognized by an Award of Distinction of the Prix Ars Electronica and
received the transmediale Software Award in 2003.

More information at <> or contact us at

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e-mail address. It's pretty easy.
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