open_digi and >wartime< project > Bucharest, RO ++++

Posted by atty | Thu Sep 25th 2003 8:28 p.m.

hi Rhizome_Raw people

open_digi association of South London, UK continues its series of presentations of
the >wartime< project at the Kalinderu Medialab, the
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania ('net')

the show will have public opening at 6pm, 29th September at the Kalinderu
Medialab, Str. Dr. Sion 2-4 with full media showing of the >wartime< project followed
by a new presentation of 'open_digi LATINO' evening with participation of Arcangel
Constantini > http://www.UNOSUNOSYUNOSCEROS.COM, Brian Mackern > and Fernando Llanos >

The show, curated by Florin Tudor of the Kalinderu Medialab, will continue till 26th
October 2003.

New work from atty, Brian Mackern, Margaret Penny and Peter Luining with his "Time's Up" screen saver!.zip and other members of OFFLINE will also be on show.

atty will be talking on subject of 'net-art spaces' at 6pm, September 30th at the
British Council, Romania

This visit to Romania follows a long run of public showings of the collective
>wartime< project, in night clubs, in art galleries, in cinemas, in squat parties, in
open air swimming pool bars
across the continents. Most recently the over 130 pieces of work in the project, by
70 internet medium artists, reflecting and reacting against war, past, present and
future was on show for over two weeks in a disused shipyard in Amsterdam at the
festival test-portal alongside other open_digi projects. A
little souvenir in 3D of that occasion is available at (faster machine/line/graphics card advised)

The next show after Romania for the >wartime< project is at StandArt, Madrid,
Espagne, 17th to 19th October.

entries for the 2003 edition of the open 'net-art' arena will commence from during November with the opening to visitors of the site from
New Year's Eve 2004

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