I'd like to add something to Roger Malina's comments on ISEA 96

Yes, electronic art … always an awkward term, but at least it allows a
good breadth, and a certain amount of chaos. Somehow or other the ISEA
conferences steer the discussion forward.

My worry goes the other ...

Postmasters Gallery is continuing its digital art programing that began
earlier this year with "Can You Digit?" (www.thing.net/~pomaga).

We are planning several exhibitions at the gallery and at other
locations in cooperation with outside curators.

We are looking for (1) computer-based works that are inherent to ...

A three day event focusing on the relationship between art and science
15 - 17 November 1996
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Presented as part of Visual Arts Year in the North of England, Across
Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4 is a major international three day
festival of electronic art. With a focus on ...

Stahl Stenslie
Click: Toucher
Then click : Stahl Stenslie

Thus when the God, whatever God was he,
Had form'd the whole, and made the parts agree,
That no unequal portions might be found,
He moulded Earth into a spacious round:
Then with a ...

In Reference to the post by Arno Coenen & Rene Bosma about their Live

Quite frankly I find it incredibly disingenuous to mention the amount of
money spent on any art project. Especially when most artists struggle
along from day to day often working at other jobs to pay ...

I've been reading an essay called "Attention!" by Brian Moriarty. He's
the head of Mpath Interactive, a company that intends to bring
multi-user, networked, computing experiences, otherwise known as
internet games, to the masses (or at least those with a small amount of
disposable income).

Some choice quotes:

"If ...

7 and 8 November 1996, Amsterdam

Speakers now include:
IVAN ILLICH (renowned social thinker); DANNY HILLIS (VicePresident of
R&D at Disney); REM KOOLHAAS (architect and city designer); SAM PITRODA
(chairman of WorldTel); RICK PRELINGER (film archivist); OLIVER MORTON
(editor Wired ...

Live Diary is a network project starting the 5th of October.

The Dutch artists Arno Coenen and Ren

I have now attended a number of the International Symposia on the
Electronic Arts (since FISEA in Holland over 8 years ago). A number of
comments come to mind after attending ISEA in Rotterdam last week.

a) The term "electronic art" is beginning to loose all meaning since it
does ...

SunSITE@UTK is centered around the idea that emerging Internet
technologies, and in particular Internet-based communication tools, will
enable us to build new types of fertile and active learning communities
involving people who are widely dispersed geographically. The creation
and development of such distributed learning communities is a guiding
theme ...

New York
September 16, 1996:


WAREHOUSE catalog, and ENGLISH BULLDOG PROCREATION techniques have for
design in the 90s?

*How can we inject "GRANDMOTHERLINESS," or the quality of a ...

Here are excerpts of an interview I did with Stelarc a few weeks ago,
maybe it answers some of the questions Mark Tribe posed in his email on
"<a href='/object.rhiz?212'>Cyborg Bodies</a>." The full version is forthcoming on Zer0News
(http://www.t0.or.at/zero ...

Gusztav Hamos, the well known Hungarian born TV, film and video maker –
he has lived in Germany since childhood – brought his new computer
generated installation work MOBIUS CIRCUS to EMAF. Originally presented
in Budapest at the Butterfly Effect (connect to http://c3.hu), MOBIUS
CIRCUS was a visually ...

George Legradies installation ist eine der interessantesten
Programmmierungen - auf CD-ROM die in den oeffentlichen Raum
transferiert werden. Die Praesentation in der Dominikanerkirche ist eine
erfrischende erholung. Seine installation Slippery traces - a postcard
ride ist eine aufgrund poersoenlicher Assoziationen verknuepfter
navigation durch eine Postkartenlandschaft, die texte generiert.

Einzelne Worte werden bestimmten ...

EMAF '96 has a longstanding position in the media art scene of Europe,
and for more than a decade has brought together the various disciplines
in a week-long international get-together of artists, curators and
critics. The festival has always tried to include what is popularly
called *state of the art ...


This week we are breaking our one message per week rule to give you a
special edition of RHIZOME DIGEST, produced in collaboration with the
Telepolis Journal, for EMAF (the European Media Art Festival) in
Osnabrueck, Germany.

For more information, images and texts about EMAF, please check out ...