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Santa Barbara free/full and open project

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Santa Barbara free/full and open project



Operating, technical coordinator practical of the subject: Francisco Dau.

Conceptual coordinator and scripteriter of the plan: Domenico Di Caterino.

Curatori protagonists of the second quarry of artistic extraction anniversary: Gennaro Ippolito and Giovanna Donnarumma.

Curatori carriers and free investigators of contemporary art: all the militant artists participants, spring of one new were of the contemporary art.


Second quarry of visible extraction of art, the "Saint Barbara free and open project" is a perpetual and in motion dynamic plan, moved from one idea of collective and shared net of free artistic search svincolate from mercantile laws and mode taxes. An anniversary and dynamics quarry of extraction snodata on a transnational territory, where liberations open and close hollow yards of free search, managed directly from the artists. The plan leaves from a shared platform of connection, democratic and participated, to the inside of which leaders or centralizing figures and structures of pyramidal or verticistiche system do not exist, but only megaphone characterizes them of a poetic and artistic collective and globalization, creative spirits movements from utopic and oniric collective, volenterose requests to exercise liberations without no political tie, politician and cargo vessel the own search and poetica essence, ethics, aesthetic. In this every perspective optical single adherent curatore artist to the plan becomes of artistic extraction and a mobile and moviment connection between various underground galleries. This time the second quarry of net annual becomes visible to Naples, in a space managed from two artists (Gennaro Ippolito and Giovanna Donnaruma). The yard is inspired ideally and spiritually to the figure of the protecting Saint of the artistic miners and who it moves in the sottosuolo and the invisibile submerged from logical of private galleritic markets.

OBJECTIVE: The first objective is of giving visibility to works moved from the faith in the far artistic search from places to the sun and reflectors aim, searches to you destroyed, darkened and hidden from the new privatized total order of the culturally supported contemporary art from the specialistic head of contemporary art "Flash Art".