Call for Artists in Chicago

Dearest dearest,

Nashville, Tennessee (aka: music city) acts simultaneously as both a monument for and against change. A paradox, a city whose ethos is in a state of constant flux, Nashville is a testament to the very idea of a
new south. Whether in its economics, its architecture or its music
(the very soul), Nashville is a city whose aura has been cast and
recast so many times as to have completely lost the idea it was
selling in the first place, thereby creating an entirely new aura from
its own simulacra. It is within this tension between old and new,
original and copied that we at Elegant Mr. gallery invite you to play.
On a date to yet be announced, we are calling for young artists to
explore both this place and our space by any means necessary. All
artwork is accepted upon submitted proposal. Proposals must be
submitted no later than November 26th, 2007.

Elegant Mr. Gallery
1355 N. Milwaukee Apt. #3
Chicago, Illinois