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Expose Yourself - Participate in a new piece by artist Anders Weberg.

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 31, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    Online, Kölleröd, SE

Expose Yourself
Participate in a new video art piece by artist Anders Weberg.
yourself in front of your mobile phone camera and send the film to me
and I will then use your film in a new piece based entirely of
recordings sent to me.
Interpret “Expose yourself” as you like. It’s up to you.
will reuse, recycle, destroy and do my normal postproduction thing
using multipel layers, etc on the material and if you decide to
participate you agree to let me do as I wish.
The material sent will decide the content, duration and look. I don’t know yet.
Maximum length: 1 minute.
File format: What you have.
Censor: None what so ever.
Payment: Sorry. Not possible.
Deadline: January 31.
Release_ Late February Online.
All participants will be credited in the film if you don’t disagree.
It has to be Your material.
Use a free online filetransfer service like http://sprend.com/ or http://www.filecentral.se/ to send me the file.
Send it to: anders.weberg@gmail.com
Also direct questions to that address.
I’m really looking forward to this so please take a moment to "Expose Yourself".
To get a feeling of what I do, visit http://www.weberg.se/
Feel free to spread this info as you like.