Everything is Just Wonderful!

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 25, 2010, midnight
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Title: Everything is Just Wonderful!
Deadline for application: November 25 , 2010
Deadline for the artwork delivery: December 1, 2010
Exhibition: December 5 - 26, 2010
Blissland is pleased to announce a call for artworks for its upcoming exhibition
"Everything is Just Wonderful!"
Politics is ashaming the world, it's no news. And there is not much we can do.
Still, we can laugh about it.
John Heartfield/Helmut Harzfeld knew that, and back in the 40's entertained Europe with his
amazing and satirical photocollages, striking the regime right in its strictness with a totally peaceful
but dangerous power: the power to ridiculize.
"Everything is Just Wonderful!" is thus born under the bad influence of John Heartfield,
but obviously every means is permitted when it comes to the satire.

How to partecipate:
- Collages, photos, paintings.. do it the way you like, but the artwork must respect the maximum
dimensions of 50X50cm
- The artwork must be sent with support included (ready to be exposed). The package must be safe
because we will use it to send the arwork back, and we are not responsible for postal damages.
- Include short Bio in english (and in german if possible).

What we can offer:
Blissland is located in Prenzlauer Berg, one of the coolest area of Berlin, a city where art is
definitely valued.
We will promote your work on international magazines and websites, on flyers all over Berlin and
in other international galleries.
We may also print a catalogue (a copy would be sent to you with your package).
On our website you will have a personal page in which your bio and artworks (the one exposed, but
also others if you want) will appear.

Apply to:
Sound&Visual Project

mail to info@blissland.eu
+49 15773252846

Blissland Project Oct. 27 2010 10:04Reply

the entrance fee is 100 euros, and they will be employed to promote your work on International Medias, on flyers and postcards all over Berlin and in other international galleries of the country and to print the catalogue.
The postal service is entirely charged to the artist.

Luke Munn Nov. 2 2010 05:01Reply

I would work on your English translation before charging an 100 € entrance fee, which seems extremely steep, especially here in Berlin….. ridiculize, Medias, ashaming the world, etc.

Blissland Project Feb. 9 2011 11:10Reply

We will definitely work on our English translation and you should work on how to use your free time instead.

Jennifer Chan Nov. 7 2010 18:35Reply