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"Data as Art Medium" - Call for presentations - CAA conference 2011

  • Deadline:
    May 10, 2010, midnight
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"Data as Art Medium"
CAA Conference 2011
Call for panel discussion proposals

As art making has dematerialized and the world around us is increasingly information-based, using data as another medium for artistic exploration seems not only possible but a cultural necessity.
This panel will explore current approaches being used by artists working with data and the theoretical implications of that work. Since possible data sources range widely from weather patterns to stock-market trends to GPS locations, and the output spans all types of new and traditional media, the goal of this panel is not to hone in on a specific issue but to work as a survey connecting conceptual and critical points within this practice.

Possible lines of inquiry include the relationships between poetics and data; the role of artist-written software; the differentiation of artworks from visualizations; and the historical lineage of artwork made with data. To encourage the most diverse conversation possible, artists, scholars, historians, and all others are encouraged to submit presentations.

For information on submitting, please download the call for participation:

Send proposals to:
Jeff Thompson
Dept. of Art & Art History
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
120 Richards Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0114

Or submit as Word or PDF files (with links as needed) to: