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It's Only a Paper Moon: CALL TO ARTISTS

  • Deadline:
    June 5, 2010, midnight

Dear You-
Please consider donating art or experiences

Because of the generosity, inventiveness and enthusiasm of all involved last summer, Gallery Aferro is expanding into the vibrant and lasting resource it is meant to be, available to all.This year, we need to ask for your help to make another leap.

In order to:

· Fully realize promising national and international exchanges

· Launch the large-scale on and off-site events we have imagined

· Unveil a highly functional educational program addressing barriers to access

We need to make Paper Moon, our 2nd benefit, a success. For more information or to ask any questions about donating or the event, you can email info@aferro.org or got to this link: http://www.aferro.org/websitebaker/wb/pages/events/paper-moon/artist-donation-form.php

Here are some highlights from the year since we last sent a letter like this one, asking for your help:

· We have diversified our studio workspace program to include 18-month residencies for one midcareer NJ artist, and a thematic, collaborative residency run on a "lab" model. In addition, all studio residents have access to a new blog.

· We are making even greater use of the New Media Room with a "mixed reality" project; Newark is Watching, taking place in the gallery and in Second Life, and the new quarterly Gallery Aferro Independent Film Series, bringing independent feature length films and filmmakers to Newark.

· We have been building infrastructure and planning as the life of the gallery goes on, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, in a wonderfully wide variety of ways.

· We built the Liminal space, adding a fourth exhibition space for the public to explore and enlarging the resources we can offer to emerging artists and site specific projects.

· We launched Art Shop, designed to support Gallery Aferro's stability.

These new developments, as with all of our programming initiatives, are designed to allow us to share what we have with the maximum number of people each year. The constant, throughout our past activities and future plans, is enabling the free exchange of ideas, what critic Dave Hickey has called "trafficking in nothing but joy."

The works will be showcased in the main gallery, and your name will be honored in current and future records of gratitude. Our belief in exchange allows the night to function as a portrait of our diverse extended community. Donating artists attend the event for free, and have the option of purchasing one heavily discounted ticket for a guest.

Your contributions will go a long way.
Please join us!

Evonne M. Davis + Emma Wilcox
Gallery Aferro

Save the date for Paper Moon
Art Party and Benefit Auction
June 19th, 7 - 10 PM

Benefit for Gallery Aferro
with raffle and auction of artworks by

Kenseth Armstead, Lathoriel Badenhausen, Gregg Beckett, Katrina Bello,
Jeanne Brasile, Mona Brody,Taheera Cochran, Margarida Corriea, Evonne M. Davis, Denise de la Cerda, Lisa Elmaleh, Susan E. Evans, Alyssa Edmee Fanning,
Beth Gilfilen, Norman Greenwell, Rebecca Jampol, Darren Jones, Anki King,
Hiroshi Kumagai, Valeri Larko, Norene Leddy, Ann LePore, Michelle Levante,
Lara Loutrel, Karen Margolis, John Maters, Anne Q. McKeown, Stephen Mishol, Michelle Mumoli, Sylvia Padilla, Joan Pamboukes, James Prez, Liz Sales,
Irys Schenker, Aileen Tat, Calla Thompson, Joe Waks, Emma Wilcox, Michelle Wilson

and many other local, national and international artists, such as you

Surprise musical guests and performance art!
Signature drinks and great local catering!
Interactive Photo Event!
with the opportunity to have your professional portrait taken with your choice of artist-created backdrops,
by Peter Brauch, Rick Reiser, Raul Villarreal, and others

In the New Media Room: Newark is Watching will open to the public.

10 Things you could do to help Gallery Aferro:

1. Donate artwork to the benefit, see below.
2. Donate money.
3. Buy tickets and attend the benefit.
4. Buy an artwork or raffle tickets.
5. Volunteer to help set up/install for the benefit.
6. Volunteer the night of the benefit to help with assisting the public, wrapping sold artwork, reception, food…
7. Sponsor the benefit, contact info@aferro.org to find out about the benefits.
8. Spread the word and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to attend and get involved.
9. Talk about us on your blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc…
10. Stand on a rooftop and scream GALLERY AFERRO IS GREAT!!!!!! (or other meaningful adjective.)