The open studio of the Arts&Media association MEDEA is going to present artworks at the exhibition SCETCHES

The creative process develops in different approaches and from various positions - from finding an idea to attempts of possible realization, be it a (thought-) model, a sketch, a video experiment, to the current state of the project. (ready or filed…). The result presented, often is not in the least comparable to the first draft of an idea. Every creative process contains a wide variety of intermediate stages, which are either developed further or rejected.
With the exhibition “sketches” this wide range of ideas and concepts, which usually is not accessible to the public, will be demonstrated. What becomes observable are positions and processes - the invention (itself), as well as the development stages and concepts of artistic work.
Medea understands the exhibition in addition, as an open process, in which everybody interested, is invited to spontaneously offer own contributions and with that, extend the range of (possible) approaches.

Amel Andessner, Elisa Andessner, Noemi Auer, Claudia Czimek, Sarah Decristoforo, Lisa Felkel, Christina Hartl-Prager, Inga Hehn, Dietrich Killer, Thomas Kluckner, Eli Kramer, Martin Kollros, Matthias Narzt, Nathalie Pelet, Valerie Pelet, Ivan Petkov, Andrea Reisinger, Georg Schobert, Amir Andamy-Velayati, Sissy Wunder, Rainer Nobauer, a.o.

Opening: mo 18.12.06, 7:30pm, followed by Performance
and Party with Dj Killer
20.12.06, 20:00 reading, followed by music….
21.12.06, 20:00 film sreening “javja mongolia”
22.12.06, 20:00 finissage
opening hours: tue-fri 6-9pm

Kliemsteinhaus(ehem. Salzamt)
obere Donaulande 15
4020 Linz