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Upgrade! Seattle with Caleb Larsen and Brett Walker

Come join us for the December Upgrade! Seattle meeting featuring Caleb Larsen and Brett Walker. Caleb Larsen will talk about his recent and current projects. Revolving around two central concepts: Language and Mapping, Larsen’s current point of inspection creates intersections of digital and physical cultures by reinterpreting online information and community based websites. He is working on a suite of projects that use Google News headlines. The headlines are processed in realtime and produce simultaneous outcomes ranging from bizarre video montages to large generated associative word drawings.

Seattle resident Brett Walker will give a brief performative lecture on the use of life experiences as a mediator for his work. His artistic output encompasses a broad range of mediums, including enormous amounts of film and video work, photography, and paper-based explorations dealing with note taking and reading.

Upgrade! Seattle is a once a month event for new media artists working in the Seattle area. Every second Thursday of each month Upgrade! Seattle invites artists/curators/thinkers/everyone to gather at 911 Media Arts Center to see and critically discuss new media work. Upgrade! Seattle is hosted by the 911 artists2artists group and is affiliated with the Upgrade! International network. www.911media.org