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Live Performers Meeting 2010, Rome

  • Deadline:
    April 10, 2010, midnight
  • Location:


27 28 29 30 May - Rome

LPM - Live Performers Meeting: international meeting of live video performers, visual artists and vjs is back with a new 8th edition.

Rome 2009 edition, registered the presence of 362 artists from Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Canada, Hungary, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Uruguay, Latvia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, United States, Austria, Australia, Turkey. During four days, 289 performances, workshops and showcases gave life to the 900 square meters of Brancaleone, setup with 15 projectors and screens.

For the second consecutive year, LPM takes place in an exclusive location, the long-standing Brancaleone that with its structure, perfectly fit the growing needs of a meeting which year after year has definitely broadened its range of contents, artists and audience.

The new edition is coming soon, and we only miss your contribution!

For the LPM 2010 themes, along with further background infos, check the 'concept' page on the LPM homepage:


LPM 2010 maintains the spirit of a meeting, which has been its main characteristic since the very first edition. It is conceived to be a place for comparison and exchange of informations and ideas, experimentation is one of the founding elements of its ideology. LPM is a non-profit organization, every gained fund is invested back to support the research and development of the live visual field.

Subscription to join LPM is FREE and is open since now until the 10th of April, 2010. For further details about subscription, check the “participate” webpage:


Please check out the LPM website for further informations about this edition and to surf through the archive of previous editions: http://www.liveperformersmeeting.net

The LPM team is ready to answer your questions, and hope you can come to Rome and contribute: its going to be the best edition ever!

LPM is produced by Flyer Communication www.flyer.it, organized by www.flxer.net, www.linux-club.org, and FLV http://livevisuals.flyer.it, thanks to the corporation of our international partners.