HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP)

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 4, 2010, midnight
  • Location:
    New York

What types of artists fit into HARP:

Artists, collaborative teams or ensembles chosen for HARP are expected to participate in the program by developing the work or ideas as outlined in their application and by actively participating in the member, community-building and public activities associated with the program. Since HARP is designed to respond to the ideas and needs of its members, the members themselves must be proactive in bringing those ideas and needs to HARP and to each other. We expect our members to be both good citizens of the HERE community as well as ambassadors to the public.

The program is designed to assist individual artists or collaborative teams (writers, performers, composers, directors, designers, dramaturges, puppeteers, dancers, singers) working in a hybrid manner in live art who meet three criteria:

*The artist, team or ensemble,having created a body of work,find themselves at a crossroads in their career
*The artist, team or ensemble is developing a distinctive form/style/content of work, or is interested in stretching the previously accepted boundaries of their work by experimentation with form/style/content
*The artist, team or ensemble is interested in actively participating both in the community of HERE and in a peer-based program aimed at exchanging resources, ideas, critique, and support.

While most work in the program is intended for seated audiences, we also invite work that might not fit into a traditional theatre-going experience - installation, promenade, center-wide, etc. Work should be conceived that will fit within HERE’s space; work that is conceived for larger spaces in final production will not be considered.

Additionally, HARP believes that diversity is extremely important within the makeup of the residency program. HARP actively seeks this diversity both from the work itself, and in the background of the artists.

The artist’s, team’s or ensemble’s residency should be linked to a specific project in development. Some HARP members stay on for a second or third year with their residency while others will move on to new terrain.

Unique to HARP are the services we provide to artists who practice outside of easily recognized disciplines. Although there are many developmental programs that focus on a particular artistic discipline or work, HARP focuses on hybrid or multidisciplinary artists, those who fall outside of the traditional definitions of "writer," "director," or "performer”.

How to Apply:

Applications are due on January 4, 2010 (postmark or hand-delivery by 6pm).

To apply for HARP, please send six copies of the following:

• a one-page project description
• biographies and/or resumes of the primary artist(s) involved
• a one-page artist statement of primary artist(s)
• a timeline over 2-3 years of what the artist plans to accomplish during the residency
• a one-paragraph description for each work sample.

In addition, please send one copy of prior work from the primary artist(s):
• 2 five-minute clips
• full-length works (dvd, audio, slides, photos, etc).

Because of the nature of multidisciplinary work, proposals without visual materials are not considered competitive.

Mail to HARP, HERE, 145 6th Avenue, NYC, NY 10013-1548.

After applications are reviewed, candidates will be interviewed by Kristin Marting, Artistic Director and Kim Whitener, Producing Director.

Final decisions will be announced by February 15.

Questions can be addressed to Kristin Marting, Programming, at 212-647-0202 x320, or