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AWKWARD: New media

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 23, 2009, midnight
  • Location:

AWKWARD: New media at the AVA Gallery

Call for entries: screen-based media
Deadline: October 23, 2009
No entry fee

Send entries to:awkward@atrowbri.com (details below)

Are you…awkward?

As humans we are faced with awkward moments everyday and until now they have been a common point of shame.
- causing inconvenience; "they arrived at an awkward time"
- lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance; "an awkward dancer";

- difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape; "an awkward bundle to carry"; "a load of bunglesome paraphernalia"; "clumsy wooden shoes"; "the cello, a rather ungainly instrument for a girl"
- not elegant or graceful in expression; "an awkward prose style"; "a clumsy apology"; "his cumbersome writing style"; "if the rumor is true, can anything be more inept than to repeat it now?"
- hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment; "awkward (or embarrassing or difficult) moments in the discussion"; "an awkward pause followed his remark"; "a sticky question"; "in the unenviable position of resorting to an act he had planned to save for the climax of the campaign"
- socially uncomfortable; unsure and constrained in manner; "awkward and reserved at parties"; "ill at ease among eddies of people he didn't know"; "was always uneasy with strangers"

This is a call to submit screen-based media (interactive, video, photo, etc) exploring the definition of "awkward". This could include failed works.

The show will take place in the AVA's Media Center. The show will later be featured as an online exhibition.

We will accept works in the following format:

Screen-based work that runs on Apple OS X 10.5 as:
- a standalone Flash executable
- a standalone Max/MSP executable
- Safari 4.* or Firefox 3.5.*, with Flash/Shockwave, Quicktime or Javascript or Java
(including browser-based Processing)
- Still images will also be considered if they are presented on your site with a clear and
consistent interface.
Microcontroller-based work that does not require connection to a computer will also be
considered. Please send a proposal and pictures/diagrams.

To SUBMIT WORK, please send:

Name, Title, 150 word or less description, 150 word or less bio and/or CV, all as text within the email.

All work, with information listed above, should be submitted as a link to your web site
where we can view the work or download a file, by email to:


Please do not attach files.

Works too large to put on your website should be sent as a rapidshare or other file hosting service link. Email the address above if you would like to send a work via Pando. No other service requiring the download of a client will be considered.

Neely Hyde, Director of Exhibits & Digital Media, Association for Visual Arts (AVA), Chattanooga, Tennessee, www.avarts.org

Adam Trowbridge, artist and Adjunct Professor, History of Time-Based Media, The University of Tennessee Chattanooga, www.atrowbri.com

This show was conceived by and will be co-curated by the students of History of ART 420 History of Time-Based Media at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga: Sarah Kyle, Austin Reed, Beth Joseph, Erin Hora, Laura H. Winn, Robert Warren Parker, and others