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Share Your Associative Knowledge

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 25, 2009, midnight
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This is an open call for all artists, musicians, writers, practitioners, theater-makers and choreographers to share their knowledge about the platforms, residencies, opportunities, galleries, venues and magazines that may be useful for other practitioners involved in the arts, music, and new media.

We invite you to post as many entries as you can before the 25th of September 2009 on ThisIsLike.Com - the collaborative associative knowledge network. After that, we will choose five participants who will get our dedicated support in promoting their own art work and our help in connecting to venues and artists already listed on the site.

Currently, ThisIsLike.Com has a database of more than 1000+ artists, art platforms, venues, and galleries around the world. This database is created collaboratively by a tight-knit community of 300+ users many of whom are art practitioners, writers, musicians, and themselves. This means that we have direct connections to the most interesting artist platforms, venues, collectives and companies around the world. Using the site anyone can find artists, philosophers, venues that are similar to each other and contact specific people who have connections to them.

Application Process:

1) To post an opportunity or a residency, create an account on http://thisislike.com, then click + Add Item, and add it as an event, specifying the deadline for application as the event date. To post a venue, gallery, or a platform, add it as an "item" using the same procedure.

2) If you want to be considered for the selection process, create your own public account (in addition to your personal profile) on ThisIsLike.Com, post information about yourself and your work, create associations between yourself and the people you worked with, venues you exhibited / performed, etc.

3) Send us a link to your own profile and to at least 5 entries you posted before 25th of September 2009 using the contact form on http://blog.thisislike.com/contact
Make sure you choose "Open Call for Participation" as the subject of your message.

4) Around the 1st of October 2009 we will contact 5 participants who in our opinion contributed the most to the community and offer them our help in making connections with the artists, venues, platforms of their choice.

5) Make sure you post only original content, which you have the rights for or which is licensed under Creative Commons license.