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nathaniel stern's non-aggressive narrative (NAN) is a mode of Benjaminian
storytelling which proposes "the continuation of a story which is just
unfolding." He uses digital and traditional media to create encounters
between an ambiguous 'I' and potential 'You.' By embracing memory as a
collage in motion through multiple characters, the NAN implies an origin
story that may or may not have occurred. You are invited to co-invent this
unfolding 'past,' and its openness suggests possibility and multiplicity.
In a 1965 interview with Michael Kirby, John Cage said that theatre is not
done to its viewers; they do it to themselves. The NAN depends on that. As
viewers re-member along with the narrative, they complete / become the work
of art. Alongside the NAN, the self ('You' and 'I') is unfolding and in
process. is the first piece of the NAN available online