Jason Van Anden: IntelligentDesigner Preview at Dorkbot NYC May 3rd

Dear Friends and Collegues,

I will be previewing my new software at the next Dorkbot meeting, this Wednesday, May 3rd at 7pm in Soho in New York City at Location One Gallery. The press release follows, as well as links with details.

I hope to see you there!
Jason Van Anden

Jason Van Anden: IntelligentDesigner Preview at Dorkbot May 3rd

What do you get when you combine probablistic programming paradigms, computers with feelings and a room full of the gifted and talented? Artist/Technologist/Robot Maker Jason Van Anden will demonstrate the beta of his newest creation (code named IntelligentDesigner) - software that enables pretty much anyone to control things in an uncontrollable way. ID was originally invented to enable improvisational behavior simulating human emotional mechanics between his life-size emotive robots Neil and Iona. In its current incarnation, ID can be used to easily create rich multilayered living music from samples, with many more esoteric applications coming down the pike. Jason hopes to get feedback of ID beta from the Dorkbot ranks and recruit some early adopters to start making things with it before its official release this Fall.

Directions to Location One: http://www.location1.org/gallery.html
Details about Dorkbot: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotnyc/03.may.2006/
Jason Van Anden's website: http://www.smileproject.com