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2006 mutek festival prelim lineup/details (Montreal, Canada)

Montreal, Canada / May 31 to June 4
Presented in collaboration with EX-CENTRIS

For the 7th Edition of its Montreal Festival, MUTEK is preparing a
hearty stew of content comprising many familiar faces and up and coming
names! Like every year, expect more new discoveries, with a host of
artists garnering attention on the international scene who will be
making their North American debut at this year's Festival.
MUTEK 2006 will explore the similitudes and the links that can be
established between Berlin and Montreal, through a collaboration with
Berlin-based Club TransMediale (CTM) - Festival for Adventurous Music
and Related Visual Arts.

Berlin and Montreal are two cultural metropolises that share several
things in common. Notably, the two are both creative hubs within their
regional and even continental contexts. This is analogous to the Club
TransMediale / MUTEK relationship, exemplified in the last edition of
the CTM Festival: last February, MUTEK was invited to participate in a
full day's activities and gatherings under the banner INTERLACE,
dedicated specifically to the interweaving of the networks associated
with our respective events.

MUTEK chose the notions of interlacing and networking as a source of
inspiration for its 2006 edition. This focus will help illuminate and
solidify the rapport between Berlin and Montreal. Ultimately, we aim to
collectively thrive off the ramifications of our mutual events and the
networks that define us. Many elements of MUTEK 2006 will thus revolve
around this dimension.

The first wave of confirmed performers include: