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FONLAD #5_09

  • Deadline:
    June 20, 2009, midnight
  • Location:

FONLAD #5\_09 - The Digital Landscape
14 November 2009 - 3 January 2010
TMG Gallery Portugal

Theme’s festival: Digital Landscapes


Virtual Gallery (no fee under selection):

• Web Art - artists only have to present the index and the link for the page. It will be presented in JPEG format ( Print Screen of index ). This will be the image published in the page of the festival, with respective link. Images must not exceed 2MB.
• Email art - The following formats are allowed: JPEG ( photograph and digital painting ), MPEG and FLX ( video and animation ). - All the works must not exceed 2MB.
Each work must be followed of a presentation text (10 lines). The same it will be published in the page of the festival.

Exhibition (TMG Gallery under selection):

• Photograph and digital painting (fee 50€ under Curator's decision): The participants in photography and digital painting on email art could also present their works to the exhibition: all the materials must be submitted for curator's decision. If selected the artist must send the value of 50€, paid by Paypal, in order of Association of Old Students of University Art School of Coimbra. This value is for the impression of the image in format 100 cm in any side. All images must have the follow: 20cm maximum in each side at 300dpi (no more then 2 MB).

• Video and animation (selection under Curator's decision. No fee): The selected videos and animations must be on a editable format (mpeg or mov) and it will be presented on a screenning projection). Videos must be presented by the internet and, after selection, send it on DVD.
Proposals must be sent to the Association up to 20 June 2009, for the following address: fonlad.festival@gmail.com. The works received after this date will be excluded from the festival.

Rua Carolina Michaellis, 73F - 4º
3030-324 COIMBRA

Gallery images: http://www.iczero.org/port/projectos/AU/AU3/AU3\_1.html