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Casey Reas workshop and more

Shakerag Workshops in Sewanee, Tennessee is offering two workshops that may be of interest to Rhizome readers. The first, from June 11-17 is taught by Warren Seelig and is titled "The Constructed Surface: A Metaphorical Textile. Warren will examine the possibilities of constructing a three-dimensional surface through either known or invented processes involving accumulation, repetition, wrapping, binding, alteration,twisting, piercing, and layering. The construction of surface will be discussed as an important initiator of form and idea.

The second, from June 18-24, is taught by Casey Reas and is titled "Stimulus/Response: An Introduction to Computer Programming for Artists". In this workshop, Casey will teach the required skills for creating interactive work, and participants will work toward developing their computer programming skills. The concepts and skills taught will enhance each participant's ability to think about the Internet, interactive media, installation and computer games.

Shakerag Workshops is a group of one-week arts classes for adults held in June in Sewanee, Tennessee. Instructors from around the nation offer classes in basketry, book arts, clay, digital arts, felting, fiber, mixed media and sculpture. Most participants, faculty and staff stay on the campus, eating and working together for the week. For more information, please visit http://www.shakerag.org, email info@shakerag.org, or call (931) 968-0210 x3165 to speak with the director.