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Upgrade New York! w/Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros w/Tintinabulate & MIG ensembles
Eyebeam, Thursday, January 26, 7:30 PM,
540-548 west 21st street (bet 10 & 11 Ave)

Dear all,

Happy new year. We're delighted to start the year with an evening of performance and dialog with esteemed composer Pauline Oliveros, joined by two ensembles from RPI and Brown University.

Tintinnabulate is an ensemble of improvisational players whose voices and senses are tuned through the practice of Deep Listening. Harmony is achieved through intuition, play, and sympathetic resonance. Founded by Pauline Oliveros, and based at RPI's iEAR (Integrated Electronic Arts) program in Troy, NY, Tintinnabulate has initiated a series of Distance Performances: live, co-located, Internet performances with improvisational ensembles across the United States. RPI's Tintinabulate ensemble is Alex Chechile, Bart Woodstrup, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Yael Kanarek.

MIG (Meme Improvisation Group) is an ensemble focused on technologically mediated improvisation that draws from the Free Jazz and Experimental Music Tradition. Members includeboth Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design students. MIG is an outgrowth of MEME, the multimedia and electronic music composition program at Brown University. Brown's Meme Improvisation Group is Kevin Patton, Damon Baker, Carmen Montoya, Joseph Butch Rovan.

Tintinnabulate and MIG first performed together in the Fall of 2005. The ensembles performed over the Internet, each from their respective location. This performance at Eyebeam, hosted by The Upgrade, brings the two ensembles together into the same physical space for the first time.


Yael Kanarek

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