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art talks Nov 29 - Natalie Jeremijenko + Paul Benjamin

The Pace Digital Gallery is pleased to present:
Fall evening art talks with new media artists.

6pm. Tuesday Nov 29 :: Natalie Jeremijenko + Paul Benjamin
Location: Rm 313, 163 William Street between Ann and Beekman, Pace University, NYC
More info, maps, and images at http://www.pace.edu/digitalgallery
Free admission, please join us!

Natalie Jeremijenko
Natalie Jeremijenko is a new media artist who works at the intersection of contemporary art, science, and engineering. An important part of Jeremijenko's artistic strategy is to enable public discourse through access to accurate information about scientific claims. Her work takes the form of large-scale public art works, tangible media installations, single channel tapes, and critical writing. It investigates the theme of the transformative potential of new technologies - particularly information technologies. Specific issues addressed in her work include information politics, the examination and development of new modes of particulation in the production of knowledge, tangible media, and distributed (or ubiquitous) computing elements.

Paul Benjamin
Dr. Benjamin earned his doctorate in computer science from New York University in 1985. He worked for six years at Philips Laboratories before entering academia. Currently, he is professor of computer science and director of the Robotics Lab at Pace University. His research focuses on applying semigroup theory and algebraic linguistics to robotics, problem solving and intelligent agent architectures.

Arrive early and view our current exhibition, "Synthesis and Distribution: Experiments and Collaboration", on view through Dec 16th.