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Course announcement: the 3rd Annual European Network Revolution: How Can Non-profit Organisations Use the iternet?

The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in co-operation with the
European Internet Seminars Association, ISOC - Dutch Chapter and Van Dusseldorp &
Partners BV presents the course:

23 - 25 August, Amsterdam

Please visit the course’s URL: http://www.amsu.edu/courses/media/media52002.htm
or find below detailed information about this course.

Sincerely hoping that this information will be of interest to you, we would be most grateful if you circulate it among colleagues, partner organisations and other interested persons.

Should you have further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me preferably via E-mail (ruggero.lala@amsu.edu).

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Ruggero Lala
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The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
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The third Annual " European Network Revolution"
How can non-profit Organisations use the Internet?
23 - 25 August, Amsterdam

In collaboration with the European Internet Seminars Association in co-operation with ISOC, Dutch Chapter and Van Dusseldorp & Partners BV.

Internet has turned into an important communication and business medium for millions of users in Europe. With the growing experience of the user, the development of and demand for sophisticated services grow as well. Audio and video to support "text only" information, interactive services to engage the user and e-commerce offerings have developed in the "for profit" world over the past years. Now it is the turn of the non-profit sector to turn their websites into interactive media, with which new audiences can be reached and new fundraising streams will be generated.

This seminar aims to give a clear overview of the opportunities the Internet has to offer to non-profit organisations - both large and small ones. The seminar will focus on recent Internet and broadband developments in Europe, and will include sessions on fundraising via the Internet, developing alternative media channels and workshops on website development and communications strategies. Lectures and workshops will be given by experienced practitioners. Not only will the seminar be a showcase of what is possible on the Internet, but will also give in-depth information on how to implement new technologies and how one can afford them.

The seminar will take place at Felix Meritis, Keizergracht 324, Amsterdam. On the last day participants will be taken to the ICT labs of the University of Amsterdam for the implementing workshops.

All lectures, presentations and debates will be in English.

The tuition fee includes participation, lunches, course material, certificate of attendance and a pass to the AMSU cultural evening programme. After the seminar all participants will receive a CD-ROM, which will include the whole course and additional material.

Standard fee: 425– EURO

Special reduced fee: 350– EURO

to be eligible for the special fee you must be :
-a small not-for-profit organisation having less than 10 employees and/or less than 120.000 EURO in fundraising revenues (please send a copy of the accountant’s statement or of the accountant's report 2001)or
-a full time student (please send supporting documents).

There are a limited number of scholarships available for participants from Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey. These include the tuition fee, accommodation and a per diem for lunches and dinners. In order to apply for a scholarship, you need to send in a completed application form, letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation, and recent curriculum vitae.

Applicants should return the completed and signed application form no later than 1 August to the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, PO Box 53066, 1007 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands (fax +31 20 624 9368).

If you wish that the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University will arrange accommodation for you please visit the URL: http://www.amsu.edu/housing. For any further questions regarding accommodation you may contact Anna Pedroli or Francien Jonge Poerink at housing@amsu.edu.

For more information, please contact Ruggero Lala at the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, T+31.20.620.0225, F+31.20.624.9368, email ruggero.lala@amsu.edu

PROGRAMME: please visit the course URL:

List of Speakers:
Jason Potts, Director, THINK Consulting (course leader)
Brian Oostenbrink, Direct Marketing Consultant, RappCollins E-Spring
Joost Schuijff, Founder, Bibit
Loes de Vos, De Nieuwe Omroep
Jan-Pieter van der Heijden, e-business Manager, Wegener Direct marketing (to be confirmed)
Douglas Arrallanes, R&D Director, MDLF
Marjon Agema, International Business Manager, In Medias Res
Monique van Dusseldorp, CEO, Van Dusseldorp & Partners
Jechiam Gural , New Media Adviser, Noterik & Doonder