"As the "Art" World Turns"

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 31, 2009, midnight
  • Location:
    New York

"As the "Art" World Turns" – as we knew it for the past 15 years – unravels in the midst of world-wide recessions and economic crises, the question of who/what will survive and how have become prevalent in discussions amongst art critics, art fair attendees, dealers, art students, museum goers, gallery visitors, collectors, curators, and, of course, artists themselves. However, it is also a chance (especially) for the latter to imagine, implement and defend new parameters for art production and circulation. The question is what should these models look like, what direction should they take, and how would they fit into the world at large?

The artist group ArtistsMeeting (AM) plans to publish an edited sampling of theories, proposals and opinions, as well as diagrams, graphics and images in hope to jumpstart a fresh critical debate. Therefore, we call for image and text contributions from across the
current "art world".

Please e-mail your responses to: artistsmeeting@yahoo.com
The deadline is January 31st, 2009.


Filthy Fluno Jan. 5 2009 00:41Reply

I've been working with the concept of virtual world distribution of my artworks for the past two years. I've come up with this concept called "counterpART" for identical artworks to exist on the walls of their virtual living rooms as well
as their real life living rooms. I reflect on both environments and most often create custom artworks (oils on canvas and pastels on paper) that commemorate both avatar life and real life. I can't wait to get my proposal in here!

Filthy Fluno Jan. 5 2009 00:43Reply

I've taken the "counterpART" principal and applied it to a project I'm working on the last 16 months called
the "counterpART" gallery in Lowell MA. http://www.counterpartgallery.com

Lisa11 Jan. 5 2009 03:17Reply

The article is very good and useful for the persons who are interested in art.


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