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La velocidad del la imagen
a functionvariable project
Installation/performance for the Loop 05 The Video Art Festival
Date: 7 Noviembre del 2005 a la 19 h.
Place: OFF AMPLE (espacio de creacion y produccion para artes visuales) Passatge de la Pau 10, Barcelona

Contact: functionvariable 607655450 o 617013430

La Velocidad de la Imagen ( The Speed of Images) is an installation/performance based on the production of images using a factory line dynamic. functionvariable has invited 6 artists/artists´ groups to collaborate on the project creating images on the wall, in real time, utilizing computers, projectors, software and the gallery visitors themeselves. The audience will interact with the projected images via cameras and sensors exploring the possibilities of a dialogue between artists, audience, space and technology.