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Aron Namenwirth and Jason Van Anden at vertexList

vertexList space has the pleasure to present :

NONLINEAR COLLATERAL DAMAGE; a group of new pixel based paintings by Aron Namenwirth
MIXED FEELINGS; robotic interactive installation by Jason Van Anden.
The exhibition will open Saturday, Oct 22 from 7-10 pm and continue until Nov 13, 2005.

Aron Namenwirth’s new paintings are recordings of a superhero culture, camouflaged psychedelic meditations on the state of affairs, diseased micro-macro clubs,
spreading fear and self-destruction.

Source materials include: images of cues, waiting to vote, internet porn, collateral damage , Walmart, rainforest canopies, and healthcare’s images of Americans.

" These secular individual efforts on my part, reflect the failures of idealism, capitalism, and the idea of a mass movement. The flock is lost."

Jason Van Anden’s cybernetic artworks are equally emotional and logical. His verypersonal and humorous installation combines traditional fine art technique
and programming expertise.

Mixed Feelings includes a pair of emotive robotic sculptures named Neil and Iona, who react to gallery environment, visitors and each other;
as wellas an edition of chipboards based on their behavioral algorithms.

More about Jason Van Anden and his artwork can be found on his website www.smileproject.com.
Vertexlist is located at 138 Bayard St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
corner of Bayard st and Manhattan Av.
Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun 1-6 pm or by appointment.
For directions and  information contact us at 646 258 3792