Studio Manager, Studio for Interrelated Media Department

  • Deadline:
    March 15, 2010, 2:21 p.m.
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The Studio for Interrelated Media Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (SIM) is a studio art program which explores a wide range of technologies. The artists in SIM combine the study of many mediums by pursuing the representation of their ideas with the most appropriate media for each idea. This process often results in the extending, reshaping, and breaking of boundaries. SIM is project and concept-centered and depends on the exchange of experience, knowledge and curiosities of a diverse community of students and faculty.

The SIM studio manager, in coordination with the SIM digital studio manager, supervises the daily operations of the SIM Department, manages the SIM equipment cage, provides technical support and training for faculty and students, and instructs faculty, students and staff on analog and digital video and audio. He/she manages the Pozen Center, which serves as the main studio for SIM.

Space Use:
* Schedules the use of all SIM Department spaces.
* Organizes support technologies and staffing for SIM public spaces, including Pozen Center.
* Coordinates use of the Pozen Center by SIM students and MassArt offices and departments. Coordinates (with Director of Events Planning) requests for rental of Pozen by external groups, and facilitates staffing and equipment use.
* Enforces Pozen use guidelines for all groups.

Equipment Use and Training
* Oversees the scheduling, use, and tracking of all department equipment.
* Develops and maintains scheduling procedures for equipment and studio use (this includes implementing the transition to a digital check-in/out system).
* Maintains SIM Department equipment inventory.
* Coordinates routine maintenance on all SIM equipment.
* Develops written materials for systems and operations.
* Troubleshoots all SIM Department technical systems, in coordination with SIM digital studio manger.
* Develops and maintains repair service and vendor list.
* Maintains inventory of parts and supplies.
* Instructs SIM faculty and support staff on proper utilization of video/audio and theatrical equipment (workshops, one on one, classroom demonstrations, etc.).
* Provides technical support to students and faculty, as necessary.
* Interprets documents such as equipment operating manuals, specifications, layouts, etc.

Curriculum and Departmental Policies
* Consults with SIM faculty about curriculum, technical training objectives and methods used in the classroom.
* Stays current with evolving technologies, and, with SIM digital studio manager, advises faculty and administration on technology planning and purchases.
* Develops and enforces SIM Department policies with department chair.

Budget, Record-keeping and Staff Supervision
* Manages budget, in coordination with digital studio manager and SIM Department chair.
* Supervises student workers.
* Oversees SIM Department archives.
* Ensures that affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity are integrally tied to all actions and decisions for which studio managers are responsible, and which fall within the scope of the college's Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Diversity Plan.

Carries out other duties as assigned.

Required Minimum Qualifications:
* Bachelors degree plus two to five years experience in a professional or academic position.
* Experience with experimental or innovative applications of theater technology
* Experience with digital technology
* Experience with live and recorded audio and video.
* Instructional experience
* Capable of working in professional theater space; must be able to lift and move 50 lbs., to crawl into low spaces, and to work on lift 30 feet high.
* Must be able to work flexible hours.
* Good communication skills and ability to work in collaborative setting.

Preferred Qualifications
* Experience as an event producer.
* Skill in electronics repair.
* Experience with database systems.

Special Instructions to Applicants Open until filled.
Requisition Number: 0100117
Eligible Applicants: All (Internal and External)
Job Type: Full-time

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