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"Pillow Talk" -Secret listings

Looking for participants.

Feel the need to reveal a secret anonymously?

Babs Reingold and Caroline Burton seek participants to reveal a secret by posting one or more on their Pillow Talk website.

To participate go to:

"Pillow Talk" is a two-person exhibit that illuminates as object the symbolic pillow and all that it implies. What if pillows could talk? Exposing our intimate secret conversations, obsessions, longings and fears. The concept for “Pillow Talk” embraces the need to reveal and store our secrets in a safe place.

All secrets submitted on the site will be utilized in the exhibit and in the opening night performance. Their specific use in the exhibit will be disclosed on the site at the start of the show. Before the exhibition, you may continue to view the secrets submitted on the site, the postings will remain on the site until the close of the show

Thanks for your participation!

Babs and Caroline