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Webzine 2005 this weekend in SF, CA

"WEBZINE is a real world, face-to-face celebration of independent publishing on the Internet. It's part panel discussions and speakers, part workshops and much freeform collaboration, schmoozing and after-party boozing. The panel discussions aim to inspire, the workshops are hands-on forums of learning and the Master's Lounge is the unstructured place to share knowledge, ideas and URLs. DIY to its core, Webzine is rooted in zine culture and the love of making our own media."

Weekend Pass - $20 (+$2 fee)
Saturday Only Pass - $12 (+$1 fee)
Sunday Only Pass - $12 (+$1 fee)

Webzine 2005

SEPTEMBER 24th/25th
12noon - 6:00pm

Swedish American Hall
2174 Market Street
San Francisco, Kalifornia