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kloone4000 DNA Workshop by Adam Zaretksy


kloone4000 Hybrid DNA Isolation Art Lab, workshop by Adam Zaretsky (USA)

Location: retort project space, Aalsmeerweg 103 Amsterdam

Date: October 4th 2005, 1- 4 PM

Participation fee: 5 euro

Registration by email: reservation required: send your name, profession, email address and telephone number to kloone@showgirls-international.com

kloone4000 Hybrid DNA Isolation Art Lab

How to Extract DNA from Anything Living in the Laboratory or in your Kitchen, a Compare and Contrast Laboratory and Hobbyist Workshop

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in all living cells. These cells can be of plant, animal, fungus, bacterial protozoa and even viral particles. Many varieties of samples can be taken from various food, pets, pests, human bodies, laboratories and free or not so free living portions of the outdoors. Some recently alive ‘materials’ that you think might not have DNA are worth testing through extraction. Different cellular or multicellular organisms can be encouraged to grow by giving them food and an otherwise sterile and comfortable place to live. The definition of food and comfort is dependant on which living being it is that you want to sample. Sometimes ‘volunteer’ organisms can be attracted to an experimental food laden ‘homes.’

Participants are requested to bring one or more samples of living, growing, raw or recently alive materials (specifications will follow after registration) for Isolation and Purification of the DNA of these samples. Details of the procedure are available online: http://gslc.genetics.utah.edu/units/activities/extraction/

Adam Zaretsky will guide this hands-on lab and discussion on extracting and Isolating Hybrid DNA.
Professor Adam Zaretsky is a bio-artist, working as a research affiliate in Arnold Demain's Laboratory for Industrial Microbiology and Fermentation in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Department of Biology. He received a Master of Fine Arts in 1999 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied and researched with 'transgenic' artist Eduardo Kac. Since then, he has worked with such pioneers of bio-art as Joe Davis, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr. Zaretsky also taught an art and biology studio class in fall 2001 as a visiting artist at San Francisco State University. Besides the bio-art installations on which he is working, Zaretsky has created a large body of digital artworks, collage and photography.

kloone4000 is a research project by artists and scientists about cloning, an exhibition, lecture programme, debates and workshops in Retort project space: Aalsmeerweg 103 Amsterdam.
September 1 - October 15 2005. opening September 16 2005 6 p.m.