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NY Underground: Our Moms are Friends

Hi everybody,
please come out to support Ocularis, NY Underground Film Festival, single mothers, and me this coming Sunday. Also, a chance to see some festival shorts you wish you hadn't missed. Come by, bring a friend, say hi.

at Galapagos Art Space
70 North 6th Street

Sunday, May 22 at 7:00 PM
Our Moms Are Friends
Selections from the 12th Annual New York Underground Film Festival
Ticket Price $6

If Ocularis and the New York Underground Film Festival had moms, they would be indeed be friends. After all, we kind of grew up together,
albeit in differentn eighborhoods. So the oldest and longest running underground festival, now a budding tween, takes a trip on the L train for another play-date in Williamsburg. Expect some cute animals.

Grand Luncheonette (Peter Sillen 4:47)

"The closing of one of Times Square's unforgettable lunch counters Fred Hakim's 42nd Street hot dog stand marks the final phase of the
much-publicizedg entrification of the area." - P. Sillen

Here After (Patrick Jolly, Rebecca Trost, Inger Lise Hansen, 12:00)

Shot in Ballymun, Irelands largest public housing project, Here After documents the lyrical destruction of items left behind by former residents: an array of mattresses, an out-dated chesterfield, an armchair, lace curtains, shelves, a computer monitor, dishes, carpeting, books, papers and other debris.

Folk Music and Documentary (Seth Price 5:00)

"Both folk music and documentary are traditional 'Left' art
forms–or, let's say, the popular-culture Left in America, as opposed to the more aristocratic Trotskyist Left (wait for laughter)." S. Price

Living a Beautiful Life (Corinna Schnitt 13:00)

During a three-month stay in Los Angeles, Schnitt visited
different schools and asked the kids the question: "how do you imagine a beautiful life?" Their statements are the source for this trip to a new Eden.

Neighbors (John Rose 5:11)

"A darkly comical confrontation between an angry New Yorker with a camcorder and the sneaky passive-aggressive neighbor who's been stealing
his newspaper." - J. Rose

The Bear Hunter (Mary Robertson 13:43)

"Each November for 44 years Bob Chase has cleaned his gun, donned an orange cap, and set out into the Pennsylvania woods hot on the trail of the black bear. Each year hes come home empty-handed, until now. The Bear Hunter is an intimate portrait of one man and the complications that come with success." M. Robertson

It Could Happen to You (Elizabeth Henry 8:45)

"The great divorce: What we're left with. What haunts us. An experimental collage piece using vintage footage that is so well-crafted that it flows and creates rhythms and meanings effortlessly, engaging us before we realize it." Ms. Films Festival

PYT (Tara Mateik 3:00)

Gender dysphoria or pop-music euphoria? Michael Jackson and Mateik head to Never Never Land for an ass-shaking collision of post-binary gender roles and adult fantasies of pretty young things.

Boxes, Jesus and Sandwiches (Jennifer Matotek 1:00)

"I just found this really bitchin record with a doomsday cult recording from the 80s, and thought about the 80s, and the whole weird conservative thing that was happening, which is happening now, and I just thought, fck it, let's throw some stuff together." J. Matotek

Sans Simon (Cory Arcangel 5:00)

Arcangel re-writes musical history with a wave of his hand.

Will be performed live by Arcangel impersonators!

Programmed by Mo Johnston

TRT: 72 minutes.