Yael Kanarek + Marek Walczak: Tues talks @ Pace Digital Gallery

Tuesday March 15 - yael kanarek + marek walczak
6pm, 163 william St, 13th floor (follow the signs)
info digitalgallery@pace.edu

*also please join us for a reception from 3-5pm for the juried student show, on view through march 29th.*

Yael Kanarek.
Conceived in 1995, World of Awe is an integrated media project that uses the conceptual framework of a 'world' to explore storytelling in the digital era. At the core is The Traveler’s Journal—an original story about a search of a lost treasure. Using the ancient genre of the traveler's tale, the project draws connections between travel, memory and technology, be it through the lament over the absence of the lover or a comical declaration of loyalty to the floppy disk.

Marek Walczak.
"In the collaborative process that passes as my work, which is really only a kind of playing, today we are into feeds and seeds! Feeds condition an odd contemporary desire to expose ourselves, our images, links, desires and location to others… perhaps the conditioning imposed by feeds can make this palatable? Seeds suggest the 'growing' of architectures, of inhabitations, rarely permanent, that can deal with this newly odd relationship between what's private or public. Technically things are getting easier, its now entirely plausible to create interactive architecture that's semi-permanent."