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Re: Inside Klein's Doughnuts I remembered a new bottle.

Michael Mahan wrote:

> This is a conceptual work that uses a 3-D model of a Klein bottle as
> an image generator. A Klein bottle is a geometric object that has
> inside and out, but consists of a single surface. Construction of the
> Klein bottle is usually described as the process of deforming an
> ordinary bottle by bending the neck around, putting it through the
> side and connecting it to an opening in the bottom. The Klein bottle
> is essentially a 3-D representation of a 4-d object. In building the
> model for this project I discovered a very simple, elegant and
> apparently new construction of a Klein bottle from two tori. Once I
> had created the model I animated a voyage into and through it. From
> this animation I extracted 12 frames which I combined with text to
> create the conceptual piece which will be reproduced as a series of
> limited edition archival quality prints. This work is part of a
> metaproject, Hyperobjects, which examines 3-D representations of 4-D
> objects.

So, I was happy to encounter your elegant solution of constructing a Klein from two torii. I have been looking at the Klein bottle as a conceptual device for coming up with drawings that convey emotional states — as appear in Kakfka’s Metamorphosis. The idea being to distort humans as well as the reality around them using the klein bottle or other hyperbolic possibilities and approaches as a starting point.

I am not a mathematician(a lowly artist) but can usually figure out images when I see one and then take off from there or come up with other shapes.

Hopefully in the future, I will encounter more of your work. Also, I would appreciate it very much, if you do happen to know of a good yet lucid book — or topics that may relate to what I say above.

Venantius J Pinto