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Synchronicity Space, T-MINUS 2005

Here it is there everyone, hope you can make it:


*** T-MINUS 2005 ***
Presenting the work of emerging artists in the medium of time.
13 digitally altered site-specific timelapse video artworks, by 15
artists from around the world.

Opening Reception: THIS TUESDAY, FEB 1 5:30-7:30
Synchronicity Space
106 W. 13th Street (at 6th avenue)
New York, NY 10011
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-6

Most changes in the world around us go unnoticed. As computers and
cameras become ubiquitous, artists are becoming more and more
interested in unearthing these changes.

Time-distorted video, once only possible with expensive and specialized
equipment, can now be realized with commonly found hardware.
Photography provides a single view of a subject; video provides a view
of that subject’s evolution forward in time. But when that traditional
video view’s temporal linearity is distorted using a computer as a
tool, the nature of the subject is demonstrated in a completely
different and frequently surprising fashion. The use of layered image
over time is becoming increasingly important not only in the creation
of video, but also as a tool in interactive ‘physical computing’

With Works By
Douglas Irving Repetto
Scott Fitzgerald
Doron Altaraz
Eric Socolofsky
Cali Mastny
Aaron Prust
Joshua Goldberg
Chris Jordan
Giles Hendrix
Adam Kendall
Adrei Rublev
Jason Frank
Wilson Brown
Aaron Zimm
Philip Riley

Doron Altaratz
cell 347-513-3188
phone/fax 212-274-0507