Itinerarios del Sonido - Itineraries of Sound

'Itinerarios del Sonido' is a public art project that proposes to the citizens and visitors of Madrid new perspectives of the city.

Fourteen different artists (including composers, poets, visual artists…) are visiting Madrid since the last month of November, exploring different contexts of the city, one of which will be the point of departure for a new sound piece composed for 'Itinerarios del Sonido'.

From May to September 2005, each piece will be installed in a bus stop located at the specific area chosen by the artist, and everybody will be able to listen to it by plugging into the bus stop the headphones of the walkman, discman, MP3 player…

During their visit to Madrid, the artists invited to the project will present their work in a series of lectures, concerts and round tables that will take place at the historical Residencia de Estudiantes.

The list of artists includes Vito Acconci, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Julio Estrada, Luc Ferrari, Bill Fontana, Susan Hiller, Christina Kubisch, Fernando Millan, Kristin Oppenheim, Joao Penalva, Adrian Piper, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, Daniel Samoilovich and Trevor Wishart.

'Itinerarios del Sonido' is organized by the Council of Madrid, the Centro Cultural Conde Duque and the Residencia de Estudiantes, and is curated by Maria Bella and Miguel Alvarez Fernandez.

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