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Open call: ILLUMINATORS juried exhibition

  • Deadline:
    March 11, 2008, midnight
  • Location:

Public art and design program "Art Koltsovo". Yekaterinburg airport, Russia.

Deadline - March 11, 2008
Exhibition opening - April 11, 2008

www.artpolitika.ru/ill\_en - about project
www.artpolitika.ru/ill\_entry\_en - entry form download

Yekaterinburg "Koltsovo" airport announces the beginning of the international exhibition project "ILLUMINATORS" which will be shown in April - June 2008 in the open spaces of the International terminal of the airport. The works for the exhibitions will be selected on a competitive basis by an international award panel.
The organizers invite the artists to submit digital prints and digital video in the form of «tondo» to the competition.
The exhibition "ILLUMINATORS" opens the "Art-Koltsovo" program.

The exhibition
The exhibition will show modern versions of «tondo» - the form of pictures with ancient traditions.
We accept electronic files of works which can be reproduced by the organizers like as digital prints, light boxes, video objects/installations and video projections,. The organizers are going to challenge the interior environment of the international terminal of "Koltsovo" airport. Visually the exposition will be represented by numerous round spots of lights "floating/hovering" free in the airport cubage.

Any artists working in the field of new media are invited.

Works of art
Digital graphics, digital photos, digital animation, video objects, video installation, single-channel video.

In Russian an "illuminator" (port hole, bull’s eye) is a round window onboard a ship, airplane, space station.
The concept of the project is based on the round shape of the exhibited works of art. This formal principle
is closely connected with on the one hand the image of aircrafts and air travels (till recently planes have had round bull’s eyes); on the other hand it plastically continues and supports the idea of the round plafonds in the foyer of the terminal where the exposition will be installed. Here the formal aspects of concept close down the meaning of the word ILLUMINATORS in the majority of European languages, where the Latin word means a lighting unit, a source of light, a screen, somebody or something shedding light, lighting and also an artist illustrating/decorating manuscripts. That’s why ILLUMINATORS are not only works of art but also those creating them - artists.
A round is the most harmonious shape, a fundamental archetypical sign offering a vast variety of associations. One of its most obvious meanings is the world. In this case ILLUMINATOR is an artist’s worldview projection or worldview magnifying glass or "window" into artist’s world.
The exposition of "ILLUMINATORS" exhibition visually and conceptually coincide with the name of the airport "Koltsovo" ("koltso" is Russian for a "ring"; ring - round). The exhibition will be opened on the eve of the Day of Cosmonautics. Russian cosmonautics started in "Koltsovo" as the first jet engines were tested here.
The project is aimed to create a positive, emotionally rich environment in the waiting rooms of the international terminal. Besides the exhibition provides the passengers and guests of the airport with the recent achievements of international contemporary art.

"Art Koltsovo" program
"Art-Koltsovo" is the first strategic long-term program in Russian air industry aimed at introduction of works of art and designs inside the international "Koltsovo" airport and in its adjacent territory.

The organizers of the program
International "Koltsovo" airport (Yekaterinburg, Russia) www.koltsovo.ru
International "Koltsovo" airport is one of the leading airports in Russia. It cooperates with 65 Russian and foreign air companies which directly link Yekaterinburg with many cities of Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Having implemented a large-scale reconstruction with the help of its strategic investor Group of companies "RENOVA", "Koltsovo" will be able to become highly competitive with metropolitan airports and will become an ultimately convenient hub for the main air passenger flow and freight traffic in the country.

Program support
Ministry of International and External Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Oblast
Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Sverdlovsk Oblast
ANPMO "Institution of Corporate Development" of the RENOVA Group of Companies

Program operator
Artpolitika agency www.artpolitika.ru
The agency specializes in development and organization of contemporary art (public art) programs and projects in public spaces.

More information, the conditions of participation in the "Illuminators" project and applications are available on project website: www.artpolitika.ru/ill\_en

Arseny Sergeev - curator
E-mail: illuminators [at] artpolitika . ru
skype: artpolitik
T/f : +7 (343) 374 73 18
mob: +7 (904) 985 90 40