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BarronvonBerg In Torrington CT

The design team of BarronvonBerg (Greg Barron and Sue Berg) continue to exhibit New Media in Torrington CT. The show is up until Nov 24th, Thurs-Sunday at Artwell Gallery in Torrington CT. http://www.barronvonberg.org/title.html

This is an open work: art that works within a field of possibilities. The design encourages the user, you, to draw his/her own conclusions about content.

It is New Media, that is, it is nonlinear, time-based, animated and/or interactive. The technology used is as much a part of the art as the images that are emanating from it. All the words/phrases scattered about the gallery are quotes from Marshal McLuhan, the ‘patron saint’ of New Media theory. Read them. They are critical to the understanding of this work.

As you walk around you will find several interactive stations. You are invited to enter the dialog, thus changing the work of art. Please login, enter, navigate, and interact.