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Susan Collins has initiated a development programme for a Tate in Space. At this stage of the programme, the Tate in Space website is the key route through which members of the public can follow developments, witness the architectural process, and follow the notional Tate Satellite orbiting earth every 92.56 minutes. The site explores ways in which a Tate in Space might extend visitor experience and engage new audiences. Tate in Space online will act as an arena for debate and reflection on the nature of art in space, raising questions about cultural and institutional ambition and the very human desires to observe and communicate.See

Alongside these new works Tate has commissioned supporting texts. Paul Bonaventura will examine Susan Collins’s project. Josie Berry will provide a contextual overview for the works. These texts will be available on the Tate site on 1 July 2002.

Susan Collins:
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