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Moport.org Launches for RNC

MOPORT.org is a free service for generating and sharing mobile phone reports. This site allows people to collectively report about important events in real-time using mobile phones (or digital cameras and computers).

The first Moport officially launches Sunday, August 29th to document all the action and antics in NYC during the Repubican National Convention. If you will be in NYC for the RNC, please consider joining the first ever Moport (a.k.a. MObile phone rePORT). 15,000 media representatives will be in attendance, but we don't think they can necessarily handle the job–especially with 250,000 protesters, 10,000 cops and 5,000 delegates expected. To join the RNC MOPORT, email us (rnc AT moport.org).

If you are unable to participate, stay tuned and watch the RNC Moport unfold online starting August 29th. (We are already getting spectacular submissions… see http://www.moport.org/scoop.html).

What does a Moport look like: http://www.moport.org/test_moport.php
What the hell is this: http://www.moport.org/f_moport.html
More about the RNC_Moport: http://www.moport.org/active.html

From the Moport Action Team Newsroom