Rad Man wrote:

> Pilgrimage, Inc., a non-profit corporation of Utah is proud to
> announce the second annual PILGRIMAGE 2004 - An American Demoparty,
> taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, September 17-18th.
> Celebrating art in technology […]

Pilgrimage 2004, The American Demoparty, is now just one month away!

This is a two-day event taking place September 17-18, catering to individuals who are interested in programming, graphics, animation and digital audio. SLC was chosen as the home as it is rightfully considered to be the "birthplace of modern computer graphics".

We now have 8 official competitions at the party, so come show off
your skillz and take a shot at scoring some cold hard cash and prizes.

Highlights include:

- Real-time DEMO art Compo
- deviantART Graphics Compo
- ANSI and ASCII Art Compo
- Combined Music Compo
- 2600SLC Scavenger Hunt
- CobaltFlux DDR Tournament
- Numerous other competitions
- Bigscreen Demo Shows
- Special Guest Speakers
- Classic Hardware Museum
- MAME Arcade Exhibit
- Free Wireless LAN Access
- Multiple Prize Raffles
- Live Concert Finale featuring patientZero

People are travelling from all over the world to meet, socialize and compete with some of the very finest graphic artists, musicians and coders on earth.

All registered visitors are eligible and encouraged to vote their favorite productions; the winners will take home a combined $14,000.00 USD in cash and prizes!

Everyone is welcome – whether you're an enthusiast, expert, or simply curious about this whole "art scene" – We hope to see you there!

For competition rules, please refer to the Competitions & Rules FAQ:

For general inquiries, please refer tothe main page: