After Art

  • Location:
    Pratt Institute, Department of Digital Arts, Myrtle Hall, 536 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Pratt Institute is delighted and frightened to announce the pop-up group exhibition "After Art" in Myrtle Hall, 536 Myrtle Ave, on May 5, 2018 from 6-9 p.m. It's ONE NIGHT ONLY so don't miss your chance to see works that dive into various aspects of contemporary culture, analyzing the zeitgeist from a variety of personal perspectives and experiences. Employing audio spaces, projected visuals, twitter bots, and more, this exhibition will subvert notions of normalcy and the systematic functions which perpetuate certain expectations both on and offline.

Eleven student artists will be featured in this show: Holly Adams, Anthony Cavieles, Shannon Chu, Ieshaan Khanna, Michael Lee, Jared Lynch, Elizabeth Olguin, Rebecca Singer, John Wise, Yanjia Zhang, and Junhao Zhu. These artists are currently exploring subversive and non-conformist theories and artistic practices through the course Subverting Digital Media with Professor Carla Gannis.

“The works featured in After Art are based on formal associations which open a unique poetic vein. Multilayered artworks arise in which the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality is questioned. Some of the works are given improper functions: significations are inverted and form and content merge. Shapes are dissociated from their original meaning, by which the system in which they norma lly function is exposed. Initially unambiguous meanings are shattered and disseminate endlessly.” - 500 Letters, statement generator


Featured Works:

@MX_TURING by Holly Adams - A twitter bot and online performance addressing cyber-sexism through all the functions of the twittersphere.

The Third Thing by Elizabeth Olguin - A collection of memes challenging hegemony through critical discourse and intersectional approaches that invites viewers to interact with, deface, remake and circulate memes in digital and physical spaces.

Making My Way by Anthony Cavieles - Combining air quality analysis with traditional art making to explore the environments we find ourselves in.

Choose Your Own Title by Shannon Chu - An interactive series of youtube videos where audiences are invited to direct the conversation through clickable annotations.

PHOBI-FIX by Ieshaan Khanna - An augmented reality experience intended to submerse viewers in their worst fears, exposing the source of phobias and increasing exposure and interaction over time.

Music for Stabilizers by Michael Lee - A short collage of videos and synthesized audio for computer effects.

The Illusion of Self by Jared Lynch - A film that outlines the philosophical and scientific illusion of self that is created by our egos and cultivated by our society.

Death Mask by Rebecca Singer - 3D printed self-portrait generated from a selfie height-map. This work points to the tradition of casting death masks while emphasizing their unfortunate purpose: to preserve one's likeness before bloat and decay take hold.

Really Real News by John Wise - Video composited from disparate sources highlighting the absurdity of modern day news media and how sometimes it can feel as though we’re living in a parallel universe.

Extension of Selfie by Yanjia Zhang - Deconstructed and reconstructed images slightly animated to evoke subtlety and detail within a chaotic visual expression.

The Selfie Project by Junhao Zhu - Visual semi-portraits exploring the idea of self and self preservation in contemporary times.