Human Entities 2017 Talk 2 – Gonzalo de Polavieja

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    Venue: Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Campo Santa Clara 142-145, 1100-474 Lisbon, Portugal

Human Entities: culture in the age of artificial intelligence – 2nd edition 2017
Talk 2
Wednesday 18 October 2017, 18.30 – 20.30, Lisbon, Portugal
Free entry, registration required

Guessing the impact of artificial intelligence
Gonzalo de Polavieja (ES/PT)
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Neuroscience Programme, Lisbon

I will start with a few demos on what AI can do today. I will also try to convey what they cannot do at the moment. Then I will try to guess what kind of things similar technologies will be able to do in the new future. Although I have quite a positive attitude towards AI, it is clear that this technology will be very powerful and could change our societies dramatically. I will delineate some of the risks/benefits to quickly open a discussion.

Gonzalo de Polavieja
I work at the Champalimaud Foundation trying to understand collective behaviour in animals, including humans. We use AI as part of our approach and we are also investigating alternative techniques to those used today. Before, I worked at the Cajal Institute in Madrid and at the Theoretical Physics Department at Universidad Autonoma also in Madrid. My life as a researcher started with a PhD in Physical Sciences at Oxford University in the UK.

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Human Entities: culture in the age of artificial intelligence
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