3 open calls: The W:OW Project

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 19, 2017, 12:12 a.m.
  • Location:
    Cologne and other venues

3 open calls
Deadline: 19 December 2017

to be part of „The W:OW Project – We Are One World“ – http://wow.engad.org

1. The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival
looking for new, experimental representation forms in the field of "art & moving images"- topic: We Are One World & its countless interpretations

2. The Refugee Film Collection 3.0
Initiated 2015 on occasion of the big refugee crisis, the film & video collection is looking for new videos dealing with the motives why people start escaping and migrating.

3. animateCologne 5 - 5th Cologne Art & Animation Festival
would like to give the non-commercial, artistic and experimental animation more attention - dealing in the given case with the essential questions of life and human existence on planet Earth.

„The W:OW Project“ – http://wow.engad.org
By artvideoKOELN & The New Museum of Networked Art
http://artvideo.koeln – artvideokoeln (at) gmail.com